1570 — SF Word Heart Collage — October 5, 2005

I took the words from the previous art piece and printed them in their respective colors. Then I arranged them on the paper. I felt a heart shape was apropos.

Starting in the center with the hope I felt when I first joined the forum, I spiraled outward. Purple, representing the healing I was hoping to accomplish, became the red of wounding. As the wounding got worse, it became the black of death…death to all of the hopes and dreams I had when entering the forum and death to some relationships that I treasured.

Although I did not plan on a particular word for the bottom, I found that the last word left…”misled”…aptly summed things up. The “therapist” who ran the forum misrepresented herself and her forum. I was misled…and that was the foundation of the whole experience.

I did not intend for the word “misled” to be applied crookedly. However, I think that, too, is apropos. She stole from me. Hence, she was not only misleading, but also a crook.

About onesurvivor

As someone who has survived SRA, I write to encourage others that there IS light at the end of the tunnel.
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